Is your waterfront property ready for Cruisin’ on the Coast starting this weekend

Cruisin’ the Coast starts Saturday, Oct. 3rd. With as many as 7K vehicles registered, this is another great opportunity to showcase our beautiful MS Gulf Coast bringing buyers to the market.

Waterfront Liquidators™  launched nationally this earlier this month allowing you to load and manage your own property with no commission or referral fees. While managing appropriate expectations, since then, four out of (18) of the properties on this new three week old website have either sold, are under contract, or have offers on the table. Click the links for the WLOX-TV story – on Youtube  or read it at

If your waterfront property is still on the market, even with a real estate agent, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Last week we launched a significant and ongoing campaign with METROSCAN MEDIA NETWORK in New Orleans (see ad on our Youtube channel), added to our full page print ads in Mississippi’s Real Estate Locator and The Real Estate Guide monthly magazines, to compound the paid online media mix in surrounding markets.

List your property today and share it with the world immediately, go to  We promote RENTALS TOO!! Your property will also be linked to syndicates like,,,,, and others sites.

You’ll see that we often feature some of the significantly reduced priced properties to build social media components to help promote all of our listed properties. Below you will find links to samples posted yesterday for a property in Bay St. Louis, sellers just copy and paste and forward the links as needed to share among your networks.

FaceBook –

Youtube –

Twitter –

Google+ –

Tumblr –

Instagram –

The website and customer engagement platforms connect motivated sellers, buyers and renters of recently reduced price waterfront property. It’s monetized through the “For Sale By Owner,” property owners and real estate agents purchasing affordable packages. Simply put, there are too many choices and not enough time for buyers and renters to sift through the bargains.

Sun Herald News story:

Press Release:

Many thanks for your consideration. I look forward to your prompt reply. By the way, we can get a sign on your MS Coast property within a few hours. So, please don’t delay in your decision to list your property on


Bob Davidge

1219 E. Second Street

Pass Christian, MS 39571

(228) 342-0242


  • You load everything related to your property including prices, specs, and  content. This is easy to do, and I can walk you through it if you need for me to. As far as maintenance, there really isn’t much to maintain, unless you want to update some photos. For example, you cut the grass, or want to demonstrate the drainage of the property after the heavy rain we just had. Lifestyle photos work best i.e. boats passing through, children fishing from the dock that sort of thing.
  • All inquiries will go directly to you via email and the phone number you register. Waterfront Liquidators does not receive the inquiries.
  • As for checklist, you will follow easy to use step-by-step instructions on my site as you load your property. Just remember to select the correct state in the drop down window at the beginning. The only error I’ve seen is people occasionally miss that and it defaults to Alabama. Other than that I posted some seller tips at the bottom of this page.
  • Waterfront Liquidators™ handles all the social media components based of a number of factors. However, it helps if you cut, post, share, and follow the respective sites. The most important consideration is the variance between the original price and the new price for the property. The better the bargain, the more attention we can generate to drive interested buyers to the site, thus,  benefitting everyone overall.

See what agents are saying:

  • Agents/Brokers are building there listings by approaching listed stale properties and offering as a new marketing tool.
  • Agents/Brokers are increasing the SEO ranking of their websites by putting their links in their property description pages on
  • Agents/Brokers are benefitting from being in the company of FSBO properties
  • Agents/Brokers are featured in our proprietary Consumer Engagement Platforms

Pricing Tips for Sellers:

As a seller it is your goal to have your property be the most appealing to buyers. One huge advantage to selling the Waterfront Liquidators way is your PRICE! No commission fees or referral fees allow you to offer a better price. Please keep in mind that we only accept recently reduced price waterfront property. When pricing your waterfront property be sure you take all factors into account.

Bottom line, price your property reasonably and ultimately you will still end up with more money in your pocket. Also, keep in mind that most real estate agents are not a licensed appraiser. If you need to know what your properties official value is, we recommend using a local appraiser.   Avoid a sales pitches and rely on the facts. No one knows what is best for you than you yourself. Most sellers have a common goal to sell their property quickly. Pricing is a major factor to accomplish this. Remember, value is subjective. It’s not what you paid for the property or what others say the value of the property might be. Only a person’s actions, not what he says gives an indication of how he values something.

Other Tips for Sellers:

Make sure your property is in tip top shape! Clean right down to each nook and cranny. This is important inside and out. Rent a storage unit for your extra clutter. Even clean up your storage area! Nothing screams that this property is well cared for than a clean, spotless, and organized property.

If you decide to use your own photos make sure items are put away properly and not left out.

 Real Estate Lawyer: 

Line up your attorney to help you with the details of the process of selling your home. It’s a very simple process but your lawyer can provide you with up to date contracts and a purchase agreement once you verbally come to an agreement with a buyer. This fee is very minimal.


Now that your property is on the market you may receive calls or post cards as to why you should list with a Realtor. Don’t worry, this is a common sales tactic to get you to sign a long term contract. Let them know if you are willing to pay a lower commission if they bring a buyer. As of now the going rate to pay a realtor with a buyer is a 2%-2.5%. Compared to the full  6 to 7% for homes and 10% for lots! Over 90% of buyers are searching for their next property online. This is all the more reason you should sell on and save thousands!

Waterfront Liquidators™ is an intermutual multi-media publishing company specializing in waterfront property only, offering unique selling value to both buyers and sellers of recently reduced priced property. A limited number of qualified advertisers though out the United States. Waterfront Liquidators™ is committed to protecting its claims expressed and implied in our name and to offer extraordinary value to our followers and advertising partners.

Waterfront Liquidators, LLC, 1319 E. Second Street, Pass Christian, Mississippi, 39571.
Confidentiality Statement: This email may contain privileged or confidential information. It is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s). If you have received this transmission in error, immediately notify us by telephone at 228-342-0242 and return the original message to us at Waterfront Liquidators via the United States Postal Service.

We take steps to remove metadata in attachments sent by email, and any remaining metadata should be presumed inadvertent and should not be viewed or used without our express permission. If you receive an attachment containing metadata, please notify the sender immediately and a replacement will be provided.


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